Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Computer Chassis & Accesories

Dynapower USA has always maintained a strong R&D team of engineers to provide customization design services to satisfy any of our customers’ specific requirements. This has led to our rapid growth of our presence along with the industry in just the past few years. Our design services include CAD drawings and 3D charts, as well as NCT and laser cutting process for our industrial rackmount chassis (internal/ external structure) and computer accessories. We also incorporate CE, burn-in and vibration standard testing from industrial, medical to military requirements. These processes guarantee the rigidity and durability of our products over the years, which has resulted in our renowned reputation in the IT markets worldwide.
Switching Power Supplies

Much like our industrial rackmount chassis and accessory division, we maintain a strong R&D team to ensure that we stay on top of the market’s demand for power supply products. To accomplish this, we provide customization processes for the assembly/ production of wired materials as well as the partial or entire re-designing or modification of existing power supply specifications. It is through our in-depth project management principles and OEM procedures that we guarantee our customers are supplied with innovative and energy saving products. We also invest in the most advanced equipment and verify the design with reliability tests and quality control throughout each stage to ensure highest quality products.

Should you require an OEM customization services, we have dedicated engineers available to go over the specifics of your project and deliver your needs in time.