Powerful New 2.5″ Thunderbolt 2 RAID Subsystem Released

We are proud to announce the release of the powerful, new Netstor NA338TB Thunderbolt 2 RAID workstation. Designed primarily for on-site video editing applications, the NA338TB supports highly efficient 2.5″ SSDs as well as large-capacity 2.5” HDDs. When SDDs are installed, the NA338TB is ideal for video editors and digital content professionals looking for a high-powered, portable solution. Since the SSDs require much less power, the NA338TB is able to function as an efficient storage expansion solution for on-the-go, outdoor post-production applications.

The NA338TB sports a low-profile design with a short 2U height and a short 42 cm depth that makes it both a highly mobile companion for the on-the-go professional as well as a compact workstation that can be easily installed in an open rack or cabinet. Although NA338TB is small in size, it provides massive expansion ability. In addition to sporting sixteen 2.5″ hot-swap drive trays, the NA338TB also provides three full-height, full-length PCIe expansion slots for ultra-fast I/O expansion.

One of the most significant new design features of the NA338TB is its built-in Mac Mini plate drawer, which allows users to integrate a Mac mini as a host and transform it into a powerful workstation with powerful PCIe and Storage expansion capability.

With the lightning fast Thunderbolt™2 interface, the NA338TB can be linked to any workstation equipped with a Thunderbolt™ port including Apple’s new Mac Pro or HP’s newer Thunderbolt-equipped models for versatile workflows and 20 GBps data transfer rates.

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