New 2.5″ Enterprise-Level Storage Bringing Higher Efficiency Data Application

(Walnut, CA – Nov 5, 2015) We are pleased to release the powerful new small form factor NS388S storage chassis. Designed with efficiency in mind, it requires very minimal power to operate and displays a very sleek and compact form. Accommodating up to 24 ultra-fast, low-power SSDs or 2.5″ high-capacity HDDs, the NS388S is a very capable, high density chassis. Additionally, it maintains blazing fast data transfers while providing dual SAS Expander modules and native 12Gbps SAS data support.

The NS388S is a 2U height chassis and is 45cm (17.7inch) deep. This short chassis design makes it highly effective for high heat dissipation. Moreover, its excellent SFF chassis architecture is ideal for enterprises and organizations looking to efficiently store in a space and energy saving manner. NS388S demonstrated significantly lower power consumption compared to the 3.5″ HDD enclosures.

The NS388S also surpasses other traditional 12Gbps SAS Expander storage chassis in terms of data transmission. Most of the currently available 12G SAS storage products on the market only have one HD mini-SAS port for upstream however, the NS388S integrates two 12G SFF-8644 ports for the host. It can reach up to 9600 MB/s throughput, fitting the modern application of fast data storage in the business field. It also has the optional choice of dual SAS Expander modules. Combined with an integrated redundant power supply, the NS388S ensures continuous operation and reliable, ultra-fast data storage.

For more details, please visit: /product/ns388s-2u-24-bay-12g-jbod/

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