Netstor Releases Thunderbolt 2 Complete Product Line

Netstor Thunderbolt 2 Product Line

(Walnut CA. -Mar. 25, 2014) We are pleased to announce the release of the new Thunderbolt™2 product line, which includes a new series of PCIe expansion, storage, and desktop RAID solutions. This new Thunderbolt™2 technology boasts the fastest data throughput available today at up to 20Gbps. That’s twice the rate of the first generation of Thunderbolt solutions, allowing users to display 4K videos while simultaneously transferring massive data files at ultra high-speeds.

Endless Creation with Thunderbolt 2 Solutions and the New Mac Pro
Thunderbolt™2 was designed to work seamlessly with the new Mac Pro, Macbook Pro, and many other upcoming computers. Thunderbolt™2’s ability to simultaneously process PCIe and display data makes it ideal for those working in the video-editing field. Additionally, the Thunderbolt™2 product line offers enterprise level data protection with RAID and SAN capability to professionals seeking limitless capability.

Thunderbolt™2 is Dedicated to a 4K Environment
In addition to the ultra high-speed 20Gbps PCIe data rates, the dual-port Thunderbolt™2 supports video transmission with DisplayPort 1.2 that’s capable of displaying uncompressed 4K video content over a single connection. As Ultra HD video displaying has become a widespread standard for the industry, the 4K capability of Netstor’s Thunderbolt 2 products can truly help digital content creators to run 4K workflows for innovative production.

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