What Are the Benefits of an 80 Plus Power Supply?

80Plus Power Supply

80Plus Power Supply

The total cost of ownership for PC networks for your start up business could be overwhelming and could very well make up a large portion of your Non-overhead costs. However, this doesn’t have to be the case as you seek alternatives. Such an alternative would be Investing in a PC network that is 80 Plus power certified.

An 80 Plus power supply might not seem like an economical option after seeing current market prices, but one must actualize the efficiency an 80 Plus power supply will provide for you.

If running your current PSU is a large excerpt of your monthly electricity bill, investing in an 80 Plus power supply will cut down your electrical usage. A 80 Plus power supply certifies that your PSU will have more than 80% energy efficiency at 20%, 50% and 100% of rated load. PSUs with an 80 plus power supply waste 25% or less electric energy as heat, given specified load levels.

Another advantage of owning a PSU with a 80 Plus power supply is noise reduction, since fans don’t need to spin as fast to cool your computer. Overall an 80 Plus power supply will reduce the heat output of your computer, and will counteract the chance of your computer overheating. Preventing your power supply temperature from rising will keep your computer working at an efficient level.

To invest in an 80 Plus power supply also means that you are in vesting in increased system reliability, decreased system maintenance costs, lower TCO for PC Networks, and increased comfort/ noise reduction. If you’re a company that relies on a vast PC network in order to conduct business and needs to cut down on business costs, having PSUs that are 80 Plus power certified is a very economical advantage.

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