System Downtime? Not Anymore! Why Redundant Power Supplies Are A No-Brainer

UPS vs The Grid

Your data is important to you and one of the last things on your mind when it comes to critical data processing is power failure. However, power failure is one of the most common causes of hardware failure and in many of these cases, important data is damaged or lost. That’s why it’s important to have a back up solution. You would back up important data, so why wouldn’t you back up the power that is sustaining your system?

Redundant power supplies are a smart solution to the common problem IPC power supply (industrial PC) system failure. They contain multiple, independent power units that can be connected to different sources of power. For instance, one unit could be connected to the power grid while another could be connected to a UPS. When any one of those sources fail, another module will automatically kick in, so your system won’t fail and you can sleep better at night. And who doesn’t like sleep?

UPS vs The Grid

Redundant power supplies are often equipped with current sharing capabilities, which allow the power units to share the power load for increased performance and longevity. For instance, two parallel power units would each supply 50% of the power to the system. In some cases, parallel power units are designed not to split the load evenly so in the event of one of the units failing, the remaining unit is less worn. In this case, one unit could supply 80% while the remaining unit supplied 20%.

Redundant power supplies usually contain hot-swappable power units that allow you to easily deal with power supply issues without having to wait for a technician and without delaying your applications. If you need to change out your power units but don’t want to stop your systems operations, you can do so by simply pulling out an old unit and plugging in a new one.

Redundant power supplies are a good fit for any of your data center, and are available in a variety of types and sizes. For instance, for the smaller 1U rackmount chassis, you can fit a 1U redundant power supply or even a mini redundant power supply. A must for cloud computing, or enterprise server applications.


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