Microsoft’s Virtual Reality HoloLens has been bought by the U.S. Army

When HoloLens was released in 2016, it was primarily used by automotive, aerospace, and construction organizations. In the past, the military used HoloLens for combat training purposes. Recently, Microsoft won a $480 million contract to provide the US Army with HoloLens devices for training and combat missions. This is a huge step in real world usage of augmented reality technology, as HoloLens usage expands beyond the military.


There is a new HoloLens model that is expected to launch in 2019, and is believed to be the upcoming industry standard for augmented reality devices. Our Hercules HL23T can be used in conjunction with the Microsoft HoloLens. The Hercules HL23T is able to be installed with single-slot and double-width card to your Thunderbolt 3 host computers to bring the almighty power to your digital workflows, also creating your potential skills in both the Entertainment and Production fields. Suitable applications include Gaming, AR/VR content creation, video-editing and more.


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